Monday, May 25, 2009

Apartment Living

After being away for a weekend being sick as a dog (where does that phrase come from?) and not quite over it, really, I'd love to talk about apartment living.

I've never lived in an apartment before. For 18 years, I lived in a beautiful house. In fact, this beautiful house (as seen from the backyard):

I loved that house. And the story as to why I don't live there anymore, even when I am back home in California, is sad and one you've probably heard multiple times from different people in the past months. In any case, as I said, lived in a house for most of my life. Then, BAM! College! Move from a great house where I had my own room with a walk-in closet and en suite bathroom to a room half the size where 3 people (count 'em, 3!) are living. Big change!

Now I live in an apartment with 3 other girls. Here's a picture of the glorious kitchen:

And apartment living? Is different. Sure, the space is larger than the dorm, but still smaller than my home. I still have someone else living in the same room with me, and 2 other people besides in the apartment. I have to always remember to lock the door on the way out, I don't have backyard, can't have pets and live on the 11th floor, instead of the ground floor with a door that leads out to my backyard.

I think I'm loving it, but I'm not sure. I'm on a college kid's budget....I don't have the money to decorate and design this place like I'd wish. But I'm excited to think that one day I will have the money when I have my own apartment. And it will be beautiful.

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