Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Glee and Such

First, let's talk about Glee. The preview pilot episode just finished on FOX, and I am so excited for the season to start. For those of you out of the internet-radio-newspaper-televisions loop (Glee has been everywhere!), Glee is a show about the worst glee club ever and one teacher who is trying to take this group of underdog singers to nationals. It features songs (like Don't Stop Believing, Somebody to Love, and Rehab) that are performed only in the context of rehearsal/performance, so it isn't like a musical, but it is just fantastic. The show seems gimmicky, and it is, but it is incredibly snarky too.

(Video via Fox Broadcasting)

On top of that, one of my good friends, Chris Colfer, is in the show. He plays Kurt, the very fashionable, gay, and sarcastic boy. With a great voice. I've known Chris since high school, where we were in drama together, English (I'm relatively sure we made the teacher hate us), and speech and debate. We are both very sarcastic (very) and our relationship is based on this sarcasm. However, this statement is completely free of sarcasm: I am so happy for Chris, so excited that this show looks like a huge hit, and cannot wait to see where it takes him, which as far as I can tell, is big places. Congratulations Chris, you have gotten the break you've deserved (don't let it go to your head).

Here's Chris, singing Mr. Cellophane (which, for his personality, on and off screen, is ironic).

Good night everyone!

(Oh, and carrying a set of drawers through Dupont Circle at 5:30pm is an interesting experience. Taking it on the bus was even more so. Luckily, DC once again proved to be a city filled with kind people.)

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