Monday, May 18, 2009

The Wheels on the Bus

...Get Me Around Town.

Back home in Fresno, I never rode the bus. First, there was no point. I had a car. Second, the buses back home are so inefficient that even if I didn't have a car, it would be easier to just bum a ride off a friend than to wait for a bus that may not arrive. The only time it was practical to use any type of public transportation, bus or train, was in San Francisco.

However, now I live in DC. I don't have a car, and I need to get around! So where does that place me? At the whims of public transportation. I will admit freely that it does have its drawbacks. The Metro is constantly undergoing "scheduled track maintenance", delaying trains. The bus system isn't foolproof by any means, and more than once I have waited 30 minutes for a bus that should have been there half an hour ago. Trying to make schedules when transferring between buses and rail is difficult, improbable, and the instances where it does happen are few and relished.

But, I still love taking the bus. I always meet the most interesting characters on the bus, have the most memorable conversations, and, unlike when I take the Metro, I get to see the city I live in.

Today I was taking the bus to get back to my apartment after going to Target, and I had my flat mate Rachel's cart with me, filled with my purchases. The bus driver said enthusiastically, "That is such a good idea! Why if whoever came up with that put on a commercial for it, it would sell like that. Old people would love that! They could lean on it and use it like a walker and carry their stuff in it. That's great!" Enjoying our conversation, as I got off the bus at my apartment, he said, "Have a good day, beautiful!" I laughed and told him the same. A few hours later, I had to get back on the bus to head to my job. Getting on, who is my driver? The same guy! He laughed when he saw me, saying "Hey! It's good to see you darling!" I replied in kind, got off at my stop by the National Cathedral, and he said, "Now I know to be looking for ya!" while at the exact same moment I said, "I will definitely be seeing you around!" Obviously, we are destined to be best bus friends. It is experiences like that, where I get to have a fun time with people who are so enthusiastic and joyful that make my day.

Long live the bus! It may not be the most efficient means of transportation, but when it comes to good times, it sure beats driving alone in a car with nothing but the radio for company.

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