Thursday, May 28, 2009

Mosquito Love (And Hate)

Hello all, this is what I feel like today:

(via Ann Kelliot)

Mosquitoes love me. I must have sweeter blood than everyone else, because in a room full of people, I will certainly get the most mosquito bites. It's always been like this. Back home, my mosquito bites used to look like cigarette burns. That led to interesting questions in elementary school ("Honey, is there anything going on at home?"). Here, in DC, where it is humid, mosquitoes flourish and thrive on me and it ends up looking like I have bruises all over my body.

Yesterday, I got bit. A lot. I finally was able to do the tally of how many bites today, when I couldn't wear shoes for a long period of time thanks to the 17 bug bites on my feet. Plus the 5 others on my legs and bum (making sitting painful) that's a total of 22 bug bites from yesterday alone! Total summer tally? 35 mosquito bites. Summer has barely started, and I'm sure by the end I'll have lost a significant amount of blood.

Why not wear mosquito repellent, you ask? I do. I also take garlic pills, which supposedly help. I do everything to make sure the bugs don't get me (aside from wearing a mosquito net) and still they chow down.

Scientists has done research to figure out why some people are bit more than others. It all comes down to how we smell. Some people don't smell so hot to mosquitoes. Others, well, if you're me, it's like I'm honey and you're Pooh Bear. Except very, very competent.

I meant to make a post on the meatballs (and subsequent subs) I made tonight, but dang it all if I'm not in too much pain but to sit and veg on TV. And keep putting on anti-itch cream.

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