Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Inspiring Wednesday: Wild Things

Sssh! I have a secret to tell you: I did not own a copy of Where the Wild Things Are growing up. I know, I know, sacrilege! I did read it, of course. You can't avoid childhood classics, not with a school library and an addiction to reading. Now, everyone is getting excited about the book again thanks to Spike Jonze's upcoming film.

So, while I admit I didn't have a well-thumbed copy in my library as a kid, I can admit I love the artwork by Maurice Sendak.

Terrible Yellow Eyes is a collection of artwork inspired by Sendak's wonderful book. I highly recommend taking a look - it's convinced me that I must have a copy of Where the Wild Things Are for my children, when I have them. The artwork featured is beautiful, frightening, funny, many artists, so much talent, one great inspiration.

Bill Robinson's fine really brings out the characters' personalities, I think.

I adore this pattern by Allie Biondi. I want it on fabric and I want to make it into a quilt that will double as a cape so I can run around yelling I'm a wild thing.

So, as I said, go and check out Terrible Yellow Eyes. You will fall in love with the book all over again (or for the first time, as with me).

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