Monday, June 15, 2009

My Weakness

After a week of not posting (my bad, life got crazy for a bit...still is crazy!), I come back with my weakness.

Some people overspend when they go shopping for shoes. Clothes. Jewelry. Furniture. Not me. I rarely go shopping (college student = low on funds) and even when I do, I stay well within my budget. Except!

There is one exception in my shopping world that gets me every time: farmers' markets. It's like going to the grocery store go in for one or two items and come out with eight. I can't help myself! I love, absolutely adore farmers' markets. The local, fresh, seasonal food, the people, the animals, the is all wonderful to me.

Thankfully, DC does have multiple farmers' markets. My favorites are Eastern Market on Capital Hill (it also has a great flea market, plus a delicious Salvadorean restaurant nearby!) and Freshfarm Markets in Dupont Circle.

The other day I went to the Dupont Circle market to pick up some honey...

I got incredibly distracted by the delicious looking strawberries and ideas of French toast with strawberries and strawberries in a spinach salad....then I noticed the asparagus. Then I noticed the empanadas. Then I noticed...well. You get the idea. I did remember to get the honey, though! Farmers' markets are such a great place to people watch and dog watch.

There's even a parrot!

Next weekend I will probably end up back at the market...and once again, try and fail at getting just one or two items (but it's the kind of overspending I love.)

Also, isn't this little girl just adorable looking?

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